Since 2008, Pat has authored and passed 52 pieces of legislation and 27 resolutions to protect our citizens and create a more efficient and accountable government. 

Here are just some of Pat’s Accomplishments in the state legislature:

Protecting citizens and improve the quality of life by strengthening and passing laws to:

  • Prevent domestic violence laws
  • Protect our children from sexual predators
  • Protect homeowners from debt scavengers
  • Strengthen litter laws
  • Prohibit the DOTD from using CCCD “toll credits” on projects not located on the West Bank
  • Protect fishermen from harm caused by the BP oil spill and foreign imports
  • Fund hundreds of millions of dollars in coastal restoration projects
  • Require 3-D mammogram imaging be made available to our wives, daughters and sisters

Exposing and eliminating wasteful governmental agencies:

  • Called for numerous audits and investigations which ultimately resulted in the elimination of the tolls and the Crescent City Connection Division of the CCCD.
  • As a result, since 2012, toll payers on the West Bank have saved over $132 million dollars that would have continued to pay for a non-functioning self-serving governmental bureaucracy.
  • Called for audits of the New Orleans Sewage and Water Board and the Louisiana State Racing Commission.
  • Forced Churchill Downs to re-invest in the New Orleans Fairgrounds instead of sending hundreds of millions of our dollars back to their corporate offices in Kentucky.
  • Passed legislation that requires the Public Service Commission perform audits of “pass through” charges on a timely basis.

Returned millions of our Tax Dollars to invest in and improve West Bank infrastructure:

  • Improved and widened Ames Blvd.
  • Improved and widened Barataria Blvd.
  • Constructed new down ramp for MacArthur Blvd.
  • Refurbished the 4th Street Harvey Canal Bridge
  • Beautification of 4th Street and Barataria Blvd.
  • Obtained initial funding for the preservation and restoration of Hope Haven
  • Provided millions of state dollars for Parc de Familles improvements